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The blunt cut is lopped at an angle of 0 degrees, making each strand fall at one length, Ross says. Blunt cuts, often known as bob cuts, are better suited for fine-haired ladies since they create the illusion of density and volume.


Clients new to a stylist will often be asked to provide a picture of the look they desire. Once a plan of action has been agreed upon between stylist and client, the service time will begin. Depending on what choices have been made, the hair may be shampooed, trimmed or cut, colored, blow-dried,


Permanent color is what most people think of when they think “haircolor”. Permanent haircolor is mixed with a developer which opens up the cuticle of the hair to deposit the color molecules. There is no such thing as truly permanent color; all color fades to some extent.


A “blow dry bar” is a modern trend popping up in cities all over the U.S., and it is designed specifically for people that don’t need all the mumbo-jumbo of fancy salons. They just want their hair blown out and styled, and they’d rather let someone else do it in a quick appointment instead of spending an hour on their hair themselves with subpar results


A digital perm is a perm that uses hot rods with the temperature regulated by a machine with a … The price depends on the hair salon, but a digital perm is usually a little more expensive than a cold perm. Also, some hair salons have systems


Yomi Hair Straightening, also known as Japanese hair straightening, is the world-renowned U.S. patented method recognized as the leading brand of chemical hair straightening that gives you low maintenance, shiny, hassle-free straight hair. No matter how curly or unruly your hair is, YOMI will create the results you’ve always wanted.

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